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A very simple search-and-replace tool for desktop/laptop Windows XP/7/8 PCs.

Just a very simple search-and-replace tool implemented in a handy portable single-file WinForms .Net 4.0 C# application (capable to run without installation or configuration on any Windows XP, 7 or 8 machine having .Net Framework 4.0 Client Profile installed).

You can define the dictionary (what source substrings to replace with what alternatives), enter/paste a piece of text and get all the dictionary key substrings replaced. You can also define multiple available replacement choices (to be chosen randomly) for each key substring and the chance for a replacement to be made (to let some replacements bi omitted, keeping the original key substrings). The actual functionality is defined by the original task meant to be solved with this tool - scrambling Russian Cyrillic text to protect it from automatic search and replace functions while keeping it human-readable by replacing letters with random similar and almost-similar looking letters from other alphaets.

The project consists of some simple well-structured (well enough in my own opinion, critique and advice is always welcome) C# code files (as well as some auxiliary files to make a Visual Studio "solution" of course) that compile into a single exe file which can be directly executed on any machine (having a classic desktop/laptop Windows version and .Net Framework 4.0 Client Profile installed) without any installation or configuration (it also doesn't write to registry or anywhere).

I have chosen the MIT license as one of the most liberal licenses known but my intention was to release the code under WTFPL, sadly this site doesn't let one choose it.

May you be interested in a discussion - feel free to contact me through my profile here at CodePlex or at Google+.

Ideas (pending to be implemented sooner or later (or not))

  • Save/Open functionality for documents and dictionaries
  • Clipboard cut/copy/paste toolbar buttons
  • Undo/Redo
  • Regular expressions support
  • Your ideas welcome!

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